16 facts about Zany Hawk

Hello, in this post you will learn somethings about Zany Hawk:

  1. He loves anime, horror, fantasy, mythology, and more.
  2. He could be funny, creepy, or friendly.
  3. He like baking (maybe he could put recipes!)
  4. He likes chatting with new friends.
  5. He is a Filipino.
  6. He likes to draw.
  7. He ALWAYS say all his work are ugly since he thinks he mess up.
  8. He is seen quiet, sad, lonely, and hurt  sometimes and silly, happy, and mad also.
  9. He likes people who are like him and never hurt his feelings.
  10. He is almost a high school junior.
  11. poptropican He use to look like this
  12. He looks like this now poptropican2
  13. He is named Senpai lol.
  14. He doesn’t know why the noodle arms and legs are paler then the rest of his body.
  15. He likes cute things.
  16. He knows you are looking at this.

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